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Partners is Massage deserves a 10- star rating as it is off the charts wonderful.  Margaret and Chris and the entire staff are extremely gifted healers.  It is a place of healing where the body, mind and spirit are attended to in such a professional and heartfelt manner.  You could actually spend a whole spa day getting a facial, reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, Reiki, yoga, and many other modalities of caring for ourselves. In our stressful world, Partners is a respite from it all.  It is not about the money here for their services cost a lot less than other places and yet offer the most skilled and loving care..  This is a very special place and the only way that you will find out how special it is, would be to go there and experience it for yourself. 
Shelley Tatelbaum, Founder, and Director of the Center for Grief, Loss and Life Transition, Certified Grief Therapist.
Partners in Massage is an amazing place staffed by an amazing group of people dedicated to their clients' well being.  No matter how hectic my day, or how frazzled I may be, when I walk through their doors, I am immediately filled with a sense of peace.  It simply never fails.  I know, regardless of what treatment I am enjoying, that I will leave feeling nutured, refreshed and renewed body, mind and spirit. Partners in Massage has become my oasis from an often chaotic world.
Kathy Zubrycki
Director of Training & Admissions
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
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Partners in Massage is located near the Vanderbilt mansion in historic Hyde Park, NY.  We began in 1998 when Margaret Doner, LMT and Chris Hanckel, LMT opened their own practice after seven years of working for the Center for Therapeutic Massage.  Today, they each have twenty-seven years of massage therapy experience.  Since that time they expanded by welcoming licensed massage therapists: Aide Kopito, Lorene O'Connell,  Tina Bohnsack, Abby Rau, Jackie Strawinski, Alida Fenton and Cris Fells to associate with them.
We have the most qualified and well trained therapists in the Hudson Valley.  Whether you are looking to unwind from stress, or heal a medical issue, we offer everything you need to achieve your healing goals.  Margaret Doner, Chris Hanckel, and Alida Fenton each have over twenty-seven years experience.  Aide Kopito,  and Lorene O'Connell have over fifteen years experience each, Abby Rau has over eight years experience and the others five or more years.  Come and see for yourself what a difference experience and quality makes. 
Mon - Fri: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m by appointment
Sat: 9  a.m - 5  p.m. by appointment
Sun: 10 a.m.  -  2 p.m. by appointment 
The Benefits of massage: 
Relieves lower back pain
Relieves neck and shoulder pain and headaches
Improved circulation
Relieves leg and foot pain
Relaxation of muscle tension
Increased joint mobility
Relieves stress
Improves athletic ability
Increases energy
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll find the right modality to suit your needs.
 Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us at 845 229-9133.
6:30 p.m. with Brenda diMartine...please call Brenda at 380-8465 or email her at 

10:00 a.m....
 With Brenda Hicks on Thursday mornings.  Please contact us for more information about this ongoing class.  

Both of these classes are suitable for people  who require a slow, gentle pace. 
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